Roulette legends and myths you should know about

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When it comes to ease of play, few games can match that of roulette. In terms of a premise, it is simply a case of pick a number or colour, spin the wheel and hope that the prediction is correct. While this is undoubtedly how the game works, there is no denying that through complex play various myths and legends have been created. The following takes a journey back through time and looks at the well-known and less well-known roulette myths and legends.

Early Day Roulette Legends

It was Francois Blanc and Louis Blanc, two French brothers, who invented the roulette wheel, with the former taking the most credit as time has gone by. However, what many will not know is that the roulette wheel played a key part of making gambling what it is in France. It became a huge draw when unveiled at various Monte Carlo based land-based casinos, helping make it the gambling mecca that it today. The original date of creation when it comes to roulette currently is not known, but how the game came about is a legend all of its own. Legend has it that Francois Blanc became so obsessed with mastering the game he created that he even sold his soul to the devil to unearth its secrets. The reason for this legend seems to have it roots in the fact that all the numbers on the roulette wheel add up to total 666, which is also known as the “Number of the Beast”. Another commonly told legend is that of Joseph Jaggers, the man who would break the bank back in 1873, when he walked out of Monte Carlo Casino with $325,000 to his name due to a rather forgiving roulette wheel. A similar event would occur a few years later in 1891, when Charles Wells would also clean out a Monte Carlo casino.

Modern Day Roulette Legends

The gambling era we live in is truly a brand new golden age, as it provides us with more games than many people will ever know what to do with. However, to this day roulette still persists and ranks as one of the leading online casino games around. Through such means plenty of modern legends have been created, with the most prominent of which occurring on British shores. Young Ashley Revell quite literally bet the house, when he sold everything he owned and took $135,300 to Las Vegas and bet it all on a single roulette spin. Thankfully for him his bet was a winner, with the popularity of his bravery even landing him his own reality show. Risk it all and it seems you will go down in roulette history win, lose, or draw.

The Next Legend?

Do you have your eye on becoming the next roulette legend? Then an online casino portal can help you on your way to stardom, by pointing you in the right direction of the perfect online casino provider. Sites by the likes of offers several guides to Roulette, and you will also be able to find an online casino that offers a good bonus.

Why the future looks bright for US based online casino gaming

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Online gambling in the United States has been a controversial topic as of late, largely as it is being used as a presidential talking point. But while its controversial nature is clear to see, what isn’t as clear to the naked eye is the actual state of the online casino industry in 2015. During 2013 three new states entered the fray, with Delaware, New Jersey, and Nevada all being granted online gaming licenses. Upon such news the infamous Sheldon Adelson set his stall to enforce a ban on online gambling and while he hasn’t achieved such, the online casino movement in the United States has stalled, with several gaming portals, such as, removing US casinos from their recommendations. However, while such is the case there is reason for players to be optimistic about the online casino industry in 2015 and beyond.

Federal intervention is now unlikely

No matter the side of the fence you sit on, given the cost and funding issues it is now unlikely that US congress will put the matter to a vote. What this has done has all but nullified a complete ban on the industry in the US and has kneecapped Sheldon Adelson’s cause. However, while it also means that Joe Barton’s attempt to legalise online poker at federal level will also prove fruitless. Congress clearly sees that sitting on the fence and not funding a vote is the safest option for now, which rules out federal intervention.

Expansion within licensed states is inevitable

It may seem that the industry is moving forward at a snail’s pace in the US, but given that it is just a few years removed from the original legalisation the industry has actually come on leaps and bounds. After years of steady progress, legal states are now prepping for a boom in online casino operator launch proposals. By all accounts, online casino portals have given strong hints that new operators are gearing up to launch, with eyes set on fast expansion. It has taken time to reach a point in which investors feel comfortable with the stability of the US online casino market, but it looks like that point has now been reached. According to reports, as long the federal standpoint remains as is, new states will pass online gambling bills before 2020 too. The progress of the online casino industry in the US wasn’t ever going to happen overnight, but it is clear that expansion is now definitely on the horizon.

Online casino quality is improving

During its earlier years, it seems that online casino operators didn’t spare much thought for quality, performance, or approach. The casinos in question seemed to launch without thought, thinking that because of the limited options available players would play anywhere, this proved to be anything but the case. Online casino developers are now taking a more serious approach to operational practices and finally understanding that they needed to deliver a quality product. As new online casino launch, a slice of European innovation is set to land on US shores improving the player experience tenfold.